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This website is dedicated to microcontrollers based on 8051 core and their application in electronic circuits. So far, several companies offer modern flavours of 8051 chips, ranging from general purpose mocrocontrollers to integrated circuits aimed at specific market. It results in a cheap electronic products and reusability of development knowledge. Good explanation of the classic 8051 core could be found on Wikipedia, along with its history.

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On 2007.03.07 AtmelŪ Corporation announced three new ROM devices to its family of standard 8051-based USB microcontrollers. The AT83C5134, AT83C5135 and AT83C5136 are based on 6 clocks per cycle 8051-core, and have 8-, 16- and 32-Kbytes of ROM code memory, respectively. Particularly AT83C5136 has also 1280 bytes RAM, Full speed USB (6 endpoints), TWI, SPI, UART, and its price starts at US$1.55 for 10k units.

On 2007.01.02 Cyrod Technologies Inc. announced new low pin count microcontroller. The CRD89C4051 has 12 clocks per cycle 8051-core, 4KB Flash, 128B RAM, analog comparator, direct LED drive output, code protection feature etc. It comes in 4 different chip options: 3.0 ~ 3.6V (25MHz max) or 4.5 ~ 5.5V (40MHz max); 20-pin SOIC or PDIP packages, operating from -40 to +85 centigrade.

Started 8051project.org with "minimal" useful information. We believe that 8051 based microcontrollers deserve more popularity, due to their low cost and vendor independency. Regardless their 8-bit data bus, modern 8051 microcontrollers may have fast signle-cycle core, reach set of peripherals and connectivity, such as CAN, USB, Ethernet, as well as various memory options like Flash, OTP, mask-ROM etc.

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